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Reaching the Right Buyers with Retargeting

Marketing professionals have a responsibility to build loyalty and attract new customers to their business, so it’s vital for them to stay current on effective online marketing strategies. Sometimes that means reviewing the basics. Do you know how retargeting works? Or when it’s best to use it over another strategy? And how can you be sure that retargeting is finding buyers with the right job profiles, demographic and geography?

What it takes to execute an efficient digital marketing campaign is constantly evolving, even when it comes to ingredient buyers. Your brand marketing strategy has to have the same depth and flexibility in order to succeed and grow, and retargeting may be an effective solution for you. 

Retargeting boosts your brand

We’ve all seen advertisements online for products we browsed recently. In most cases, retargeting platforms make that happen by showing consumers visual or text ads of a website they already visited. It’s a popular strategy because it serves a brand’s products right back to its target customers for a quick turnaround.

Retargeting used on B2B platforms delivers branded advertisements to buyers after they visit product websites, for example to the 45,000+ unique buyers who visit every month. Ingredients Network aims to connect global suppliers of food, health and natural ingredients with ideal buyers in their category, so getting an online advertisement served to these engaged buyers gives sellers a leg up. 

Whether a buyer views your product page or a competitor’s on Ingredients Network, it’s your product, ad and messaging that will be retargeted to them after they leave the site. Your ads are shown on thousands of safe and recognized websites, mobile apps and platforms to give your brand a huge visibility boost. And because you’re likely to be the only ingredient-specific ad on the page, you’ll stand out from the crowd of content.

Ingredients Network receives more than 110,000 page views every month, and retargeting these buyers taps into that vast network of fresh first party data to get your brand messaging in front of the buyers who need to see it most.

Retargeting creates a consistent, visible presence for your business online among ingredient buyers as they move around the web. Building brand awareness through retargeting can help grow your number of loyal, repeat buyers and generate leads—something that every brand wants.  

*Ingredients Network is the leading online directory for global sellers and buyers of ingredients used in food, nutraceuticals, supplements and functional food & beverages. 

Kickstart your retargeting today

Ingredient buyers want to know they’re buying from the best before starting a new relationship with a supplier. Buyers have plenty of options to choose from, so you need to have the right strategies in your marketing arsenal to be competitive.  

High-quality, first party data is such an important tool for growing a business, but collecting and managing it is difficult, especially for small and emerging suppliers. At Smartcore, we consistently collect first party data that’s up-to-date and relevant to your brand through our ingredients directory, websites and our Fi Europe and Vitafoods Europe events.

Having access to strong data like this and leveraging it properly gets you one step closer to new buyers that can help grow your sales over time. Using data-backed retargeted ads increases your points of contact with potential buyers, which allows them to get comfortable with your brand as a customer.

Smartcore specializes in digital marketing for suppliers of ingredients, and we help them reach their goals through brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, and targeted marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about what challenges we can solve for your brand, because retargeting is just the tip of the iceberg.  

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Beth Newhart 

08 July 2022