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Find Quality Buyers with Audience Extension

Digital marketing in 2022 requires an aggressive approach from marketers in all categories. When you’re trying to grow your brand and reach new buyers, every advertisement, impression and click counts. Whether you are a large, medium or small business it’s crucial to keep brand marketing consistent so that you’re top-of-mind for buyers. 

But when you hit a wall with your growth and it feels like you’ve tapped every resource at your disposal, what can you do? You need to find ways to get your message out to new people. A proven marketing strategy like audience extension can help you reach quality buyers that are unfamiliar with your brand, but are still likely to become customers.

Audience extension expands ad reach

Audience extension is a tried-and-true method that advertisers use to grow their visibility and sales by showing buyers new brands and products that they might be interested in. The strategy typically involves learning what the buyer likes based on their previous web browsing activity and purchases. This is best for advertisers that want to reach new buyers from a specific audience or demographic that is both relevant to them and likely to buy from them. 

For any B2B business, advertising online runs the risk of casting too wide of a net. Targeting so many different buyers that aren’t relevant to your brand wouldn’t be an effective way to find loyal customers.

What you need is an audience extension service that can deliver your ads to the right buyers, ones who have already proven to be interested in the kind of products you are selling. 

Tailor your marketing campaigns today

When it comes to getting the attention of buyers online, it’s important for ads to be targeted, relevant and effective. Your potential customers are inundated with digital ads across platforms, so you need to find ways to stand out and make an impression. 

By personalizing your digital marketing efforts with audience extension, buyers will see ads that are more tailored to them. They’re likely to have positive interactions with your ads because they already have an interest in products and brands similar to yours. Find ways to grow your sales and brand name recognition by marketing to elusive buyers in your category.  

The Smartcore audience extension service works with clients to find out exactly what type of buyers they’re looking for and who they would like to reach. Clients can share their target audience with us broken down by identifiers like product category, job level, job function, geographic region, and more.

Smartcore specializes in digital marketing for suppliers of ingredients, and we help them reach their goals through brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, and targeted marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about what challenges we can solve for your brand with tools like audience extension.

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Beth Newhart 

08 July 2022