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Must-Have Digital Marketing Activities to Include in Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2024

To not just survive but also thrive in the growing space of B2B digital marketing in 2024, you need a toolkit with powerful, impactful, and results-driven digital marketing solutions. Select activities that will boost your brand awareness, generate top-quality leads, and help establish industry thought leadership. After all, the ultimate goal is to drive sales and achieve sustainable business success in the industry.   

Read on to discover the top digital marketing activities you don’t want to miss in your digital marketing plan for 2024.  

Who are we? Smartcore is the best-in-class B2B food and nutrition marketing solutions partner for smarter digital campaigns that drive business growth – with unrivalled expertise in your prospects. Our invaluable data, including an extensive global network of over 360,000 ingredients buyers, data-driven insights, and specialised digital content channels in the B2B food and nutrition industry are what set us apart from the rest. This strong synergy translates into smarter solutions that we custom-created to maximise your brand awareness, generate excellent-quality leads, and deliver greater returns on your investment and time.

Here are the digital marketing activities to help you take your business to new heights in 2024. Use them in combination with each other for the best results. 

1. Online Display Banners: Utilise online display banners to share promotional messaging on relevant third-party websites, social media platforms, or within related apps. This is one of the top digital products out there for businesses looking to generate brand awareness. It not only allows you to position your messaging alongside industry-specific content but also offers extensive reach.  

2. Email Marketing: Email marketing is still alive and will remain one of the most trending marketing trends in 2024. It is highly effective in delivering your message directly to the mailboxes of your prospects. Team up with industry-specific content publications that share branded newsletters with their audiences. Securing a spot in their newsletters will help you get in front of the right audience and expand your reach. Or offer a newsletter subscription for your prospects to sign up to. Once they do, capture their valuable data and keep them engaged by providing them with timely updates, industry news, and exclusive offers to boost your brand awareness.   

3. Webinar Sponsorships: Going beyond conventional content delivery, webinars stand out by providing live, vibrant experiences. They not only attract high-quality leads and strengthen brand reputation, but also help brands easily connect with their audience in real-time. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2023 research report, 47% of marketers voted for webinars (second only to in-person events) as the content asset that produced the best results. Find a sponsorship collaboration opportunity that helps you reach relevant audiences interested in market topics specific to your brand. This ensures direct access to a relevant audience to generate leads for your product or service.  

Here too, we can help. Sponsor a webinar of your choice with our Webinar Sponsorship Packages.  Reach a highly engaged live and on-demand audience with your product or service, in turn achieving maximum brand awareness, generating high-quality leads, or establishing thought leadership in the industry. You can expect between 300 to 600 GDPR-compliant leads (Lead Generation package), 500-1,000 registrations per webinar, and an audience reach of over 27,000 per webinar.

4. Host Your Own Webinar: Host educational webinars to highlight expertise, showcase thought leadership within your industry, interact with potential buyers, and effectively generate leads for your business. By collecting registration information from participants when they sign up for your webinar, you can capture valuable leads for your database of potential customers. Not sure where to get started? Read our detailed guide on how to plan and execute a successful-marketing focused webinar here

If you’re looking for a personalised webinar marketing strategy, we can help. Our Custom Webinars are perfect for sharing research results and studies or promoting your topic expertise, all while generating highly qualified and GDPR-compliant leads. Take the lead in developing your own webinar or collaborate seamlessly with our team of experts to bring your webinar vision to life. 

5. Custom Content: Strengthen your business position in the industry as an expert, differentiate from competitors, and create a compelling digital presence that effectively connects and engages with your target audience. Engage content experts for product announcements and research results. Industry specialists can help develop, produce, and promote your expertise in an impactful and engaging manner that resonates with your target audience 

For all your content needs, our full-service content team can create custom content in various formats, including videos, articles, reports, whitepapers, infographics, and interviews. We deliver the most in-demand types of content in the industry and our digital teams ensure their promotion to your target audiences across various platforms. 

Partner with us

If you’re seeking smarter digital campaigns that offer the best combination of the must-have digital marketing activities to include in your digital marketing plan for 2024, explore our tailored Digital Marketing Packages. These campaigns are designed to achieve goal-specific success through three customised packages: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Thought Leadership. The commonality between them all? They help you reach your buyers, achieve consistent growth, and deliver greater returns on your investment and time.   

Partner with us and leverage the potential of smarter digital marketing campaigns. Unlock your target audience, define, and accomplish your marketing goals, determine your competitive advantage, stand out on the right digital platforms where your ingredient buyers are most active, and make the most of your allocated budget.  

Explore some of our success stories to see how we’ve helped other businesses grow their sales pipeline with digital solutions. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and the challenges we can address for your brand. Get in touch here



Serena Warren

13 December 2023