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How to Successfully Reach Event Attendees with Digital Marketing

Although virtual and hybrid events are likely to remain widespread in 2024, we are seeing a revival in the popularity of in-person business-to-business (B2B) events around the world. This trend also applies to our B2B events. As the official digital marketing services provider of Vitafoods Europe, the world’s leading nutraceutical event, and Fi Europe, a global gathering of F&B ingredient buyers and sellers, we help exhibiting ingredient suppliers to make the most of their presence with effective online marketing to the attendees of the event. In addition, we set these exhibitors up for success beyond the event, by making it possible for them to reach those event attendees with their message all year round.  

Digital marketing, or online marketing, is the use of digital channels (email, search engines, websites, and the internet in general) to market, promote and sell services or products to customers. The right digital marketing strategy can significantly propel you forward and can help you successfully reach relevant buyers at your next in-person B2B event. This could mean implementing digital marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, reach your target audience, let them know about your presence at the event and encourage them to visit your stand, or to boost your visibility and relevance by helping you stand out among the many other participating companies. 

Take a look at some of our success stories, where other exhibiting companies have utilised our digital marketing services to successfully reach their customers.

Proven ways to successfully reach event attendees with digital marketing: 

  1. Targeted Emails
  2. Banner Advertisements 
  3. Targeted Ads
  4. Sponsored Content

Targeted Emails

The importance of email marketing is often downplayed, but did you know that targeted emails (emails that are sent to a precise audience segment based on chosen criteria such as industry, job title, and location) can substantially improve your marketing efforts? Segmentation and relevant data are crucial to ensure you reach relevant, engaged, and interested ingredient buyers. The first thing to do is to confirm you have access to a relevant email list. This is essential to the success of your whole campaign, and Smartcore provides GDPR compliant access to food and nutrition ingredients buyers who attend in-person events for your targeted email campaign. Once you have segmented the list based on the audience you want to target, you need to customise your email with engaging content, a clear call-to-action (CTA) and an attention-grabbing subject line, and finally, you are ready to begin your targeted email campaign. 

Banner Advertisements

Design and place your banner advertisements on websites visited by your audience. In B2B finding the right website can be a challenge, but also here Smartcore offers you access to the right audience and B2B websites. Banner advertising can help you reach a wide audience, share your in-person event participation message and drive traffic to your chosen landing page, perhaps one with more details of your exhibiting presence. Ensure your banners include eye-catching graphics, concise copy, and the desired CTA to increase engagement. 

Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads are cost-effective way to reach and capture a potentially interested customer, for example someone who has recently visited a relevant B2B website to source ingredients. As they make their way around the internet, they are served your ads, thus increasing the probability of the customer converting. Because it uses cookies to serve ads to B2B buyers who have been searching for ingredients and have therefore visited a relevant website, you’re assured the best results since it shows your advertisement only to relevant website visitors. Use this tool to boost your brand’s visibility and share your in-person event presence with a relevant audience.

Sponsored Content

This type of online advertising offers you the opportunity to promote your brand, products, services, expertise, news or announcements, or even subject matter perspectives on website through informative means such as articles, interviews, videos, or any other form of content. It’s a great choice to consider as partnering with a relevant B2B platform allows you to not only appeal to their existing engaged audience and tap into their industry reputation, but also position your brand alongside competitors and similar industry news. This quickly gives you a leg up among other exhibiting brands in the industry. Here too, Smartcore gives you access to content websites read by tens of thousands of ingredients professionals every day from all over the world. 

Partner with us

Capturing the attention of relevant event attendees at your next B2B event could be challenging. However, effective digital marketing can help you cut through the noise and distinguish yourself from hundreds of participating companies with tools such as targeted emails, banner advertisements, retargeting, sponsored content, and more. It can maximise your exhibiting presence and help take your company to the next level.

Smartcore specialises in digital marketing for suppliers of ingredients, and we help them reach their goals through brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, and targeted marketing campaigns. Work with us to successfully reach event attendees relevant to you. Our Boost Your Event Packages consist of pre-show campaigns that can help you reach potential buyers before, during and after an event, as well as post-show campaigns that connect you with those in-person attendees who may have missed you at the event.

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Serena Warren

21 January 2024