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Why is email alive and kicking in B2B?

Email marketing is still a core pillar of business-to-business companies, even while consumer-focused brands have largely shifted to other communication methods. The way the world interacts over the internet has changed-though email was once the only way to chat online, today we have a variety of options to choose from. 

Businesses that sell directly to customers have embraced platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok to connect with their audience, for example. Internal company communications now often use instant messaging like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and personal correspondence is rooted in mobile activity like texting, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. So why has B2B stuck with email?

Nailing the perfect email formula

Email still reigns supreme in B2B because it’s the most efficient way to stay connected with clients, personalize your messaging, and build relationships and recognition over time. Business-to-consumer companies typically want to reach their customers individually and directly, and entice them to make quick impulse purchases based on emotion.

B2B, on the other hand, involves longer relationships with buyers. They tend to make less frequent purchases that are based more on logic. Email marketing offers an ideal way to connect with those buyers professionally and with enough room for more details than a quick-hit social media post. Email campaigns establish a communication path primed for follow-ups and continued conversations.

Businesses find success with email marketing because today’s technology allows campaigns to run on a formula. Once you get the right formula aligned with your content, sales goals, and target buyers, your marketing efforts are more likely to convert purchases. 

Using first-party data is key to a strong email campaign, so you can optimize your messages based on things like segmenting your audience, choosing the best time to send emails, and personalizing the content. This makes the message more effective and appealing to each potential buyer.

B2B clients expect well-designed, targeted, and personalized campaigns with plenty of information that helps them build a relationship with a company and remember them when it comes time to make a purchase. 

Back email campaigns with first-party data

Even with its challenges and somewhat dated platform, email is here to stay for B2B. It’s a familiar and digestible format that people can easily keep track of. And because purchases from B2B clients are usually practical decisions that need approval from multiple people at the same company, it’s ideal to tailor your email campaigns to match with the clients you’re targeting.

That’s where Smartcore comes in. We have high-quality, granular data that can be segmented to meet these requirements of ingredient suppliers looking to run successful email campaigns. We can host your email campaigns and bolster them with our in-house design and first-party data collected from our events. 

Smartcore specializes in digital marketing for suppliers of ingredients, and we help them reach their goals through brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, and targeted marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about what challenges we can solve for your brand. Read up on the products and services we offer, or book a demo with us. 


Beth Newhart 

08 July 2022