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SEO 101: Why does it matter in 2022?

The way we browse online has changed significantly in the last few years, accelerated by the amount of people using e-commerce to shop during the pandemic. This has affected companies across categories, including ingredient suppliers, and everyone needs a strategy to stand out.

You’ve probably heard that good SEO is key for online success, but do you have a handle on implementing it? Let’s get back to basics-search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are used by companies to increase their visibility in search results and drive traffic to their website. 

Search engine algorithms help users find the websites they’re looking for, and SEO helps brands to show up as relevant results. With greater brand visibility comes an expanded customer base and more revenue.

Why does SEO matter?

People like to do their own research online on products, services, and companies before committing to a new purchase relationship, making SEO extremely important to brands that market on the web. 

You want your site pages to be ranked high insearch engine results so that users are more likely to see them, and good SEO helps improve your rankings. The rankings are based on how relevant a site is to the search, and how popular the site is across the web. These rankings change all the time, which is why it’s so crucial to stay on top of your SEO strategy.

Ultimately, good SEO affects your position as a company and also influences buying behavior. It’s not only about getting a lot of consumers to view your site and your content, it’s about attracting the right consumers.

Review your SEO best practices

Do you know which words or phrases buyers search for when they’re seeking out potential suppliers online? Learning those keywords and incorporating them into your messaging is one of the most important SEO lessons to master. 

Research the keywords that consumers in your category look for and that your competitors use, and place them prominently on your site and content. Blog titles, page headlines, meta titles, and the first few paragraphs of text on a site are ideal spots for keywords. 

Search engines are able to scan sites for keywords and links that may be relevant to searches. Site text matters, but don’t forget that URLs hold just as much weight. Short URLs that get to the point with just a few words are more effective than those that are long and complex.

Adding links to your text and messaging that directs browsers to other relevant content can improve your SEO, whether you’re externally linking to outside websites or internally linking to other pages on your own site. 

It’s also a good idea to perform routine reviews on a regular basis for your website. If there are any broken links or redirects, long load times, or duplicate content, that could all work against you in the eyes of a search engine.

Reach the right buyers

Companies that market their products and services online need to ensure that their content is hosted on strong platforms. That means optimizing the company’s own website as well as vetting any third-party sites that run their advertisements.  

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Beth Newhart

03 August 2022